Friday, November 6, 2009

Windows is installing updates . . .

Bleh. I'm about done with Windows. I had pre-ordered Windows 7, and was excited about installing it on my laptop as soon as it got here. Well. It has now been 2+ weeks, and I still have yet to fully install it. In fact, this post is being written with Windows Vista. Part of the problem I'm running into, is that I put some new memory in my laptop that doesn't seem to be very friendly with the rest of the machine. I've had to restore, re-install, upgrade, and update both Vista and Windows 7 multiple times.

Hopefully this is the final time, and I'll have it all fixed nice and pretty. I've restored my laptop back to its out-of-box state (Windows Vista) and I'm now waiting for the Vista updates to finish installing so I can move on to upgrading to Windows 7. I probably didn't need to do any of the Vista updates, but I wanted to make sure I had all the most recent drivers and such.

Anyway, I guess all that is to say, I'm wasting time waiting for Windows to finish updating. I thought I might as well write a blog, since that's what I seem to be doing now a days.

Maybe I'll just go to Linux and forget this whole Windows poopiness. . .

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