Friday, November 28, 2008

A Good Day.

Today was a good day. That's not to say that other days have been inherently bad. And really today wasn't all that much better than many other days, since most days seem to be pretty good in general. However, perhaps today was particularly more bloggable than some.

I started out by sleeping in, which in my opinion is a good way to start any day, good or bad. Once I woke up I played some Warcraft III with my roommate Austin and with another friend, Scotty, who showed up later. After a few rounds against the evil minions of Computers 1-3, Mark came over and we went to lunch at the mall. Despite my aversion to large crowds, hanging out with a few good friends on a beautiful day wasn't as bad as I probably let on. I got a new comic book. We played some more WC3. In the evening, my girlfriend Jessica came over and we watched some tv, she read a while, and in general we just enjoyed each others company. Late tonight I played Halo with my good friend Darrin, who is now in Indianapolis. To cap it all off, I am now blogging about my whole experience, of which (as you know if you have read my previous post) I have been wanting to do more.

So yes, a good day. Though for those who are slightly less nerdy than I, I would venture to guess that today would not have been quite so enjoyable.

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