Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Driving and taking pictures at the same time is not wise

So you know those thin white jet stream cloud things that ariplanes leave in the sky? I saw a really cool one on my way home from work yesterday. It made it look like the airplane had flown straight into the sun. I tried to take a picture, but it didn't turn out very well. It also hurt my eyes to look at.
I saw a UFO landing on south mountain too, but that picture didn't really turn out either. So I guess mostly my pictures didn't turn out, but I did get some pretty cool cloud pictures. Incidentally, you shouldn't take pictures while you drive, it's kind of dangerous. And which is why this picture is all jiggly. I was taking a picture of the clouds instead of paying attention to the brake lights of the car in front of me.
I don't think the driver behind me appreciated my picture taking skills very much.


Emily said...

I like your pictures! :)

Do you think it will snow tonight?
Miss ya,

Emily said...

no more pics??